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missing children

Thousands of children disappear without a trace every single day and, although the majority of them returns home and reunites with their families, there are still many missing boys and girls out there waiting to be found.
Recently I came across an information of one child reported missing in Europe every two minutes. According to International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children, every year approximately 20.000 children are reported missing in Australia, 45.000 in Canada, 96.000 in India, 45.000 in Russia, 460.000 in USA... 
This is absolutely the saddest and most terrifying statistic I have ever heard of. 

Stories about children who vanished and their families living thereafter in constant uncertainty followed by eternal hope have always made me feel both sad, angry, annoyed and helpless at the same time. My thoughts were: ‘’Wish I could do something…’’, but I never did anything about it. Until today.
Deeply touched and intrigued by Zachary Bernhardt’s disappearance, I just could not find peace in my heart until it crossed my mind: I will spread the word.

‘’Spread-the-word’’ is a miraculous tool, easy to use and, in one form or another, it is available to every single person on this planet. Newspapers, TV, radio, internet, flyers, person to person communication… are just few out of many possible ways to use it. 
When using online, it is also free of charge as it is just a link to share on our social networks pages or the websites/blogs we run.
More we share informations about the missing children, more people will get them. The result might be that these shared informations reach the person(s) who knows something about the child we are looking for. That happens and it is usually the first step towards the happy end.
Elizabeth Smart and Natascha Kampusch went missing and returned under different circumstances, but they both gave us the same message: we must never give up on missing children.
Therefore, I am inviting you to join me - let’s spread the word about missing children and increase their chance to come back home where they belong.


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