"Don't tell mummy..."

missing children

Thousands of children disappear without a trace every single day. Although the majority of them returns home and reunites with their families, there are still many missing boys and girls out there waiting to be found.
Recently I came across an information of one child reported missing in Europe every two minutes. According to International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children, every year approximately 20.000 children are reported missing in Australia, 45.000 in Canada, 96.000 in India, 45.000 in Russia, 460.000 in USA... 
This is absolutely the saddest and most terrifying statistic I have ever heard of. 

Some children gone missing are runaways, some are kidnapped.
Kidnappers are not always strangers, an abductor can be a trusted person within family or friends circle. A child is sometimes suddenly snatched and taken away, but often an abductor creates a friendly relationship with a child, pretending to be a nice protective person and gaining child's trust for some time until at some point a child would be told: "Don't tell mummy...". 

Those creepy words that both child abusers and abductors use. 

Remind your child every day that whenever someone says "Don't tell your mom" the first thing to do is to tell you.


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