Forget Me Not

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Forget-me-not flower is the symbol of International Missing Children's Day
I picked up these at International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children

25. May has been commemorated as International Missing Children's Day since 2001 and it is dedicated both to the children who have been found and to those who still are missing. The purpose of honoring this day is also to remind the public about the growing problem of missing children all over the world and to encourage the global community get involved as much as possible.

May the 25th has been chosen for a reason.

etan patz, missing milk-carton boy
Etan Patz, the missing ''milk-carton boy'', moved the mountains without ever knowing it

On this day back in 1979 six-year-old Etan Patz disappeared on his way to school and the Police started a massive search using bloodhounds.
Etan's father, a professional photographer, used Etan's photos for the missing-child-flyers posted all over the New York City. The boy's photos were also projected on the screens at Times Square as well as printed onto countless milk-cartons distributed to thousands of households in the country, due to what Etan has become known as ''the milk-carton kid who vanished without a trace''.
Despite all efforts and an intensive search, the little boy has never been found.

In 1983, on the fourth anniversary of Eton's disappearance, 25 May was proclaimed ''The National Missing Children's Day'' by US President Reagan. The intention was not only to honor missing children and to celebrate those who have been recovered,  but also to bring attention to victimizing of children.
During next 18 years, thanks to the increased public attention and thanks to the collaboration among nonprofit organisations who have intensely been involved in the problem of missing children, the movement spread worldwide and since 2001 it has been recognized as international.

The entire idea behind International Missing Children's Day is symbolized by its emblem - the forget-me-not flower followed by just one request: ''Help us bring them home''.
This message is heartbreaking but clear and well communicated. Let's at least pass it on and keep it alive.

International Missing Children's Day: ''Help us bring them home!''


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