Customize ''404 - Page Not Found'' on your blog

customize 404 page not found on blogger

If you run a blog/website of any kind, you can customize your ''HTTP Error 404: Page Not Found'' to spread the word about missing children.
Please take a look at this smart tool. It takes only two minutes to implement.

You visit Not Found, submit your website and they will provide you with a code you need to customize your 404-page.
Each time your 404-page loads, instead of boring ''Page Not Found'' message, basic data and a photo of a missing child will be published.
Sometimes data/photo of an older person will appear and these alerts referer to ''cold cases'', respectively children who have been missing for years and whose photos have been edited by aging software to give an impression of how they might look like now.

How to customize your ''404 - Page Not Found'' on Blogger:
*Thank you Elaine - XOmisse for instructions*

Get your code at and copy it, login into Blogger and go to:
Settings ---> Search Preferences ---> Errors and Redirections ---> Custom Page Not Found
Click on ''Edit'', paste your code, click on ''Save changes''
To see how it is going to look like, you use URL

If you do not have your own blog/website but you know someone who has, please share this post with them. Thank you.


  1. Thanks for posting about the 404 page application. It is a superb tool that helps to find missing children from a number of European countries. It is easy to apply and costs nothing.


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