Missing: Andrew Gosden

missing children, andrew gosden

A message for Andrew published by his parents on their website Help us to find Andrew:

''Dear Andrew,

We have all missed you so much since the day you left. Not a day goes by that you are not in our minds constantly. You were always so witty, polite, caring and intelligent that we desperately miss your company. The same is true of all your friends and the thousands of people who have prayed for you and helped us search for you.

If you should ever read this, forget about any water under the bridge and please have no fear about making contact with us. We do not care where you have been or what lifestyle you choose for yourself. We only want to know that you are safe and well and to help and support you if we can.

We remain as proud of you as we have always been and love you deeply.

All our love,
Dad, Mum, Charlie''


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