Missing children speak to us, but we just don't listen

"It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled"

We adults love to highlight how important it is to listen to the children. Do we really listen to them? We say we do. Do we believe them? We say we do. But our actions – or lack of actions – show that we actually don’t believe them. 
Or do we?

The attached video is about a scandal in Netherlands, not long time ago. It is heartbreaking. I am inviting you to watch it. 

Former Security and Justice official Joris Demmink was not prosecuted for child sexual abuse because of “no evidence in involvement in criminal acts”, despite he was repeatedly accused of child abuse. A lot of his countrymen did not believe him, but the authorities did.
End of story? He is retired Dutch Justice Department official. Sounds impressive.

Life goes on. Children gone missing and being abused worldwide – still not top priority for any government on Earth because they are occupied by more important things such as running the world, dividing people & nations, creating wars (Show me the money, yeah!), posting on Twitter…
As a human being I am deeply ashamed of the world we have built. 

I also chose the side – I listened to these children who once went missing and I believe them.

When child traffickers rule a nation


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