When child traffickers rule a nation

Photo credit: Jo'el

"It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."

We adults love to highlight how important it is to listen to the children. Do we really listen to them? We say we do. Do we believe them? We say we do.
Let's see.

The attached video is about a child trafficking scandal exposed in Netherlands few years ago. It is heartbreaking. I am inviting you to watch it because here are missing children speaking to us and giving us the names of their predators and abusers. One of the names raises a huge red flag: Joris Demmink. 

Despite he was repeatedly accused of child abuse, former Security and Justice official Joris Demmink was never prosecuted for these crimes because “no evidence in involvement in criminal acts were found”. Some of his countrymen raised the voice against injustice, but the majority of Dutch people are in disbelief and can't accept that these horrible crimes take place in their beautiful country or are committed by high positioned officials. The authorities took a side as well. 
End of story?
The victims are discredited and silenced while Joris Demmink is retired Dutch Justice Department official and a free man.

Do you have the feeling you've been fooled? I do. 

Children gone missing, abused, silenced... worldwide – but still not top priority for any government occupied by "more important" things such as running the world, dividing people & nations, creating wars (Show me the money, yeah!), posting on Twitter…

As a human being I am deeply ashamed of the world we have built. 

When child traffickers rule a nation


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